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How to Think Like Google – Tom Chi

“The skill set of any master is the dedication they have until they are in the depth of it.”   Tom Chi is one of the sharpest minds of our generation. He is the co-founder of Google X and the creator of Google Glass. In this episode, he shares...


The Mindset of World Changers – Peter Diamandis

“A certain degree of naivete or insanity is necessary to achieve the impossible, irrational, or improbable; without it, we’ll never move forward.”   Get ready to be trained by one of the 50 greatest leaders on planet earth. Peter Diamandis...

Ken Wilber MV Podcast

God, Self, and Spirituality – Ken Wilber

“Increasing consciousness = increasing complexity.”   What’s the future of spirituality? How will human consciousness evolve?  In this episode, the “Einstein of consciousness studies” Ken Wilber peers into the future.  ...