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Vishen Lakhiani On How To Be Unf*ckwithable

  The three hacks to help you with your fears of rejection This is what you need to help you change your life and the lives of others around you. Ask yourself if the criticisms you face in your life crippling your hopes and pursuit for your...

Vishen Lakhiani Michael Beckwith Trying To Get Motivation

Vishen Lakhiani On Trying To Get Motivation

  Align Your Motivation With Yourself Are you struggling to get motivated? It’s time to stop trying and start aligning. We received an interesting question from the Mindvalley community on how best to find motivation. An the answer in...


Joel Brown On Mastering A 10-Year Vision

  Master Your Life With A 10-Year Vision What would the ultimate version of you look like 10 years from now? This is the question Vishen digs deep into with Joel Brown, founder of the popular blog and podcast, Addicted2Success. This episode...


Philip Mckernan On Being Your Authentic Self

  Living Life By The Authenticity Code Who are you seeking approval from today? This is the hard-to-swallow question Philip McKernan asks in this episode of The Mindvalley Podcast. Philip is an Irish author, filmmaker, and all-around...


Sam Cawthorn On Falling Asleep At The Wheel

    Wake up to your kairos moment Are you asleep? This episode is a special talk from the Mindvalley A-Fest stage, brought to you by Sam Cawthorn — 2009 Young Australian of the Year, international best-selling self-help author...


Mike Dooley On The Universe’s Greatest Illusion

    Happiness is the key goal but money is also an aim Is happiness really all that matters in life? Discover how your thoughts become things in this week’s episode. Time to break the mindset that caring for material wealth is wrong in...