Today on The Mindvalley Show, tune in for an electrifying conversation with Paul McKenna, Britain’s renowned hypnotherapy expert and bestselling author. A true luminary of personal development, McKenna has guided thousands to overcome fears, boost confidence, and achieve remarkable goals through his groundbreaking hypnotherapy techniques. In this episode, discover the transformative power of hypnosis to ignite unshakable confidence. McKenna unveils how hypnotherapy can reshape your thoughts and pave the way for inner certainty and motivation.

McKenna shares how his techniques are easily accessible through hypnotic trance audios. These audios hold the key to elevating your self-belief and motivation instantly. Witness Vishen’s journey through Paul’s hypnotherapy session and unlock your potential to shift your life’s trajectory.

Dive into the nuances of confidence versus overconfidence as Paul and Vishen dissect the role of authenticity and vulnerability. Uncover the secret to genuine confidence void of arrogance. Be inspired by stories of triumph through hypnotherapy, and access a guided hypnotherapy session for confidence on the Mindvalley app. Tune in to unleash a new level of confidence and authenticity in your life.


Key takeaways:

[01:23] Personal experience with hypnotherapy and its effectiveness

[03:36] The power of Paul McKenna’s hypnotic trance for confidence

[07:58] The difference between confidence and overconfidence

[09:11] The importance of authenticity and vulnerability in confidence

[10:29] Overcoming imposter syndrome

[11:53] Confidence in dating and leadership

[13:57] The connection between confidence and resilience

[15:17] Seizing opportunities and living at one’s true potential

[18:49] The importance of headphones

[27:00] Experience a guided hypnotherapy session


Where to find our guest:

Free Session



Memorable Quotes:

“Real confidence is about being natural and authentic, comfortable in your own skin.” [7:58] -Paul Mckenna

“Confidence is a state of mind and body, a way of perceiving the world and thinking about yourself.” [20:35] -Paul Mckenna

“You’ll find that you are happier and more fulfilled from this day forth. You automatically find more joy and beauty in each moment. Imagine a slightly more confident you, sitting or standing in front of you. Now, imagine stepping into that more confident you. See through their eyes, hear their voice.” [39:48] -Paul Mckenna


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