“If you take care of yourself and how you look that means you trust yourself. Therefore, others can inherently trust you.”


How do you build a powerful and confident self-image? Here’s how your personal style can help. In this episode, Vishen and expert stylist Sandy Grigsby share some practical tips and advice to bring your confidence to light and teach you how to style yourself for success.    

Sandy Grigsby is a ‘Confidence Catalyst’.  She’s the founder of Briofive LLC, a luxe personal branding empowerment photography studio, that works with influencers, thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and creators. Sandy has spoken at TEDx, Dress for Success, UN Women, and the Winning Edge World Conference about the importance of seeing your own beauty and creating a powerful self-brand.


Listen out for:

–  Tips to radically transform your style.

–  How to style your hair to look and feel amazing

–  Common makeup mistakes you can avoid 

–  Learn the secret to perfect skin (for men)

–  How to maintain a good style with spending less money.



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