What if you could tap into the incredible healing powers of your mind simply by changing your thoughts? Today’s guest is Marisa Peer, a hypnotherapist and the author of Tell Yourself a Better Lie.

In this episode, Marisa takes you on a guided meditation to hypnotize your body into perfection. It is not magic or woo-woo; it is science and a testament to the inherent healing power of your brain. Marisa has healed herself from cancer twice, regrown bone, and healed wounds with repetitive and positive influence over her mind.

Marisa empowers you to shift your language to direct, instruct, command, compel, and code your body into a wellness machine. She teaches you the foundational techniques so you can demand your body to heal on the cellular level.

Your brain acts on your beliefs. You can choose better thoughts, believe better lies and imagine better outcomes. Marisa demonstrates the power of language and how shifting the words you use can dramatically affect the health of your body and mind.

If you want to be the director of your physical destiny, listen now!

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Commanding Your Body To Heal Itself

[3:00] Your Job Is To Think Better Thoughts

[5:00] Your Mind Acts on Your Beliefs

[12:30] Recovering From Womb Cancer

[14:00] Do Not Take Ownership of Any Disease

[15:30] The D.I.C.C.C Technique

[24:00] Shifting Into Love For Your Body

[25:00] It Only Works In The Present Tense

[27:00] You Must Be Specific with Your Commands

[33:30] Directing Your Mind with Language

[38:30] The Directed Healing Method

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Memorable Quotes:

“Not my migraine, my cancer, my irritable bowel, because if you call something mine, you own it. It’s an ownership word. You might say, this is my kid, this is my home, now I’ve got my irritable bowel, my tension headaches, so I didn’t want to be a cancer survivor or talk about my cancer.” [14:15] -Marisa Peer

“Here’s another rule of your mind; every thought you think is a blueprint that your mind, body, and psyche work to make real, so when you say I’m directing, instructing, commanding, and coding my mind to build a perfect body, speed up my metabolic rate, improve my digestion, it becomes real.”   [22:05] -Marisa Peer

“This is not magic. It’s actually science. Neuroplasticity means that your thoughts that you’re thinking are changing the shape of you, changing the shape of your brain, your body.” [39:58] -Marisa Peer

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