What if you could achieve peak performance at any age? Today on The Mindvalley Show, Steven Kotler questions everything you know about aging and teaches you how to increase your lifespan with action sports, community, and play. 

Steven is the founder and director of the Flow Research Collective and the author of eleven best-selling books. Today he explains the ideas behind his latest publication, Gnar Country, a book that will permanently change how you view aging and human potential. 

Society teaches you that aging makes you fragile, but Steven thinks the opposite is true. Aging starts when action stops. He shares the key components necessary to achieve peak performance with action sports that support dynamic movement as you age. 

If you can master strength, agility, balance, and flexibility, you can live a longer life and have the energy to enjoy it. Movement is only a part of the equation. Steven points out that play and community are vital to reversing your biological clock. 

Age truly is just a number, and in this episode, Steven gives you the framework to take control of your health and happiness. Join us to access the ultimate guide to longevity!


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What is Gnar Country  

[4:00] The Five Categories of Functional Fitness

[7:00] Bones are The Mineral Factory of The Body 

[9:30] The Difference Between Balance and Agility 

[11:30] How Leg Strength Affects Your Aging Brain

[15:00] Getting into Flow for Peak Performance Aging 

[18:00] Picking the Right Sport for You

[21:30] Changing the Way You Learn 

[27:30] Why You Need Outdoor Activities 

[30:00] Activating the Flow State 


Where to Find Guest:


Gnar Country



Memorable Quotes:

“If you keep training these skills, you get to hang on to them and even advance them far later in life than anyone thought possible.”  [2:20] -Steven Kotler

“We think there is a motor learning window that slams shut, and it turns out there is a motor learning window, and it does sort of close, but what really changes is not on the inside, it’s how we approach learning. Kids learn by playing, adults learn by work, and work with comes with a lot more fear.”   [21:09] -Steven Kotler


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