Today on The Mindvalley Show, meet Dave Asprey, the visionary biohacker behind Bulletproof—a brand synonymous with optimizing human performance and vitality. As a pioneering expert in the field, Dave’s authored acclaimed books like “The Bulletproof Diet” and “Super Human,” reshaping countless lives with innovative approaches to health and wellness.

In this episode, Dave Asprey joins Vishen for a high-energy deep dive into the most pressing health and wellness topics of our time. Uncover the shocking truth about the decline in American lifespans, the hidden impact of environmental toxins, and the essential role of meat in your diet. Discover game-changing insights into stem cell treatments for sexual health and the power of supplements for detoxification. Explore the fascinating connection between sexual health and overall well-being with tips from the original biohacker himself.

Dave Asprey shares practical, actionable advice to revitalize your health and longevity. You will unlock secrets to a longer, more vibrant life. Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your well-being. Listen now, and embark on a journey to become your best self.


Key takeaways:

02:10] The decline in the average American lifespan

[03:00] American policies and government regulations

[13:17] Detox regimen: glutathione, calcium deglutinate, and glycine

[18:00] Replenishing Minerals with Danger Coffee

[22:18] Upgrade Labs AI-driven exercise routine

[24:50] Why you need quality animal protein

[27:11] Metabolic benefits of increased protein intake

[33:06] Collagen for healthy skin and joints

[36:27] Criticism of veganism and vegetarianism

[42:53] The link between low testosterone and motivation

[46:21] Biohacks for optimizing sexual performance.

[50:10] Factors affecting sex drive and longevity


Where to find our guest:

Smarter Not Harder 

The Human Upgrade Podcast

Danger Coffee

Upgrade Labs

Memorable Quotes:

“Right. And so the reason I’m talking about this is because everybody ages. Some of us more quickly than others, but there’s no reason that if you’re having pelvic pain, if you’re having problems with urinary retention, especially after kids, or you’re a guy who’s just not having the same function that you had before, it’s all hackable.” [52:28] -Dave Asprey

“Part of it could be attributed to the testosterone decline, which is down 50% since the 1980s. Other things could be the bad foods that we are putting in our body, but sex is a natural driver of human behavior and how much you’re having sex actually will influence your longevity.” [54:24] -Dave Asprey 


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