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Vishen Lakhiani Michael Beckwith Trying To Get Motivation

Vishen Lakhiani On Trying To Get Motivation

  Align Your Motivation With Yourself Are you struggling to get motivated? It’s time to stop trying and start aligning. We received an interesting question from the Mindvalley community on how best to find motivation. An the answer in...


Joel Brown on Mastering A 10-Year Vision

  What would the ultimate version of you look like 10 years from now? In this exclusive interview, Joel Brown, founder of popular blog and podcast Addicted2Success, dives into the powerful mechanics of how to create an intentional, transformative...


Philip Mckernan on Being our Authentic Self

  Who are you seeking approval from today? Celebrated Irish author, filmmaker and keynote speaker Philip Mckernan reveals the famed “Authenticity Code.” Philip explains how we’re constantly living our lives to seek approval from a specific...


Sam Cawthorn on Falling Asleep At The Wheel

    Have you had your kairos moment yet? Or are you going through the motions of life, but actually asleep? Until Sam was in a head-on collision with a semi-trailer and life as he knew it was catapulted into a new dimension, Sam didn’t...


Mike Dooley on The Universe’s Greatest Illusion

    Is it true that the pursuit of happiness should be independent of monetary goals? Mike Dooley, former Price Waterhouse Coopers international tax consultant turned entrepreneur, explains how our thoughts literally become things—and...


Eric Edmeades on Mastering our State Of Being

    Our emotions literally create our present experience. In this exclusive A-Fest presentation, Eric Edmeades shares how changing our mental framework truly has the power to transform our life. By mastering our state of being through our...