“No matter what people say, if you have a dream, you have to go for it.”

Many of us are filled to the brim with great ideas – but we don’t execute them because we‘re scared of the failure that might come with it. After a while, this fear of failure becomes exhausting and it turns into our weakness. But imagine what could happen if we knew we would win…
Having a winning mindset sets you up to be that massive success you always dreamed of becoming. Natalie Glebova, winning-mindset trainer, and a former Miss Universe is here to teach you how. 

Listen out for:

  • Natalie’s journey to becoming the first immigrant Miss Universe.
  • Ways to come back from failure. 
  • The importance of pivoting your marketing strategies.
  • Tips on how to develop the quality of fearlessness.
  • Winning strategies for your career.

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About Natalie Glebova

Natalie Glebova is an author, winning-mindset trainer, entrepreneur, and public figure who is purposefully pursuing her mission to empower people with her books and courses. She is a former Miss Universe and UN Women advocate, determined to help her audience win in life and in love. She has launched her own brand of perfume BEAUTY ICON, ran a wellness blog HHB Life, become a best-selling author with her books Healthy Happy Beautiful and I Am Winning – A Guide to Personal Empowerment, and pursued her life-long passion for music by starting to DJ.



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