Today on The Mindvalley Show we discuss the nature of resilience with Dr. Neeta Bhushan, author of “That Sucked! Now what?” Dr. Neeta is a cosmetic dentist turned performance coach. She is helping professionals reclaim their emotional grit and build resilience through radical self-awareness.

As a child, Dr. Neeta suffered the catastrophic loss of her mother, brother, and father. She never learned how to process her emotions of grief and loss, so she buried herself in her work and a toxic relationship until she realized the life she was leading was not in alignment with her true self. At that moment, Dr. Neeta understood hat strength was not resilience but a form of avoidance. She teaches you how to embrace your emotions instead of allowing them to fester so that you can live a life free of emotional judgment!

True resilience is the ability to accept yourself as you are, and sometimes that means sitting with your grief so that it does not overcome you. In this episode, Dr.Neeta lays out the framework for emotional wellness and true resilience. Join us as we deprogram and rediscover the true nature of emotional wellness.

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] Recovering from grief and loss

[5:20] The bounce factor

[10:10] The Guest house

[14:00] Energetically holding pain

[15:30] 4 steps to building resilience

[21:00] The benefits of good stress

[24:00] Healthy emotional experience

[26:30] Expressing your emotions

[31:00] Lean into the discomfort

[33:00] Radical self-awareness

Where to Find Our Guest:

Memorable Quotes:

“I was living my life for other people, that I had not really integrated. I had not worked through a lot of the grief. I had not accepted my reality, for so many years, for a decade, but from the outside, I had a million-dollar practice. From the outside, I was changing smiles.”  [4:45] -Dr.Neeta Bhushan

“If we also suppress those feelings that we are ashamed of, or we think that our negative emotions. I mean there is research that supports that well they’ll start manifesting diseases in our bodies because we are not aligning with ourselves. We’re holding in the resentment. We’re holding in the pain or that grudge from somebody else, where is it going to show up? [14:10] -Dr. Neeta Bhushan

“Our emotional capacity to feel is so important so that we’re accepting ourselves, and all parts of ourselves, and our ability to really feel what is coming up instead of judging our feelings, shaming our feelings, or thinking that we’re not allowed to feel a certain way, just because we don’t deem it acceptable.”  [25:20] -Dr.Neeta Bhushan

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