In this episode with the Co-founder of Evercoach Ajit Nawalkha, you’ll learn how the powerful principles of coaching can help you overcome life’s biggest challenges. Get ready to create some extraordinary results in your everyday life, relationships, or career. You’re about to master the powerful skill of self-coaching.


Listen out for:

– The story of how Lisa Nichols changed Ajit’s life.

– 3 steps to turning information into transformation.

– The definition of self-coaching and how it’s going to transform your life.

– 4 pillars that will make you an expert in self-coaching. 



Ajit Nawalkha is well-known throughout the globe as the guy who always builds booming businesses. After failing a startup, struggling with partnerships, and going from the ranks of an intern to a co-founder, Ajit has vast experience in the world of business–and he is committed to sharing the lessons he learned with budding entrepreneurs. Through these hard-hitting experiences, Ajit found that business is more about emotion, spirituality, physicality, and mental resilience than you’d think – and it’s not so heavily reliant on strategy. His passion and mission aim to help make the world a better place, one entrepreneur at a time.   



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