“Selling is nothing more than an energy exchange between conscious beings.”

Finally, a talk about sales and marketing that won’t make you compromise on your values and will allow you to stay authentic to yourself and your business. Learn how to implement this new way of selling that will skyrocket your revenue and profit. Expect to grow the team, impact more lives, close more deals and become financially free in the process. Our speaker today, Jason Campbell, is the host of the Superhumans At Work podcast. On this episode, he will help you close more clients and become enthusiastic instantly about every sales opportunity.

Listen out for:

  • 4 levels of sales that can happen. 
  • Blueprint of how to sell with love. 
  • 5 keys to sell with love.


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About Jason Campbell 

Jason is the host of the Impact at Work interview series and Superhumans at Work, a popular Mindvalley podcast. Jason interviews hundreds of the world’s top thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who share their techniques for creating an extraordinary life in the workplace. Jason has a background in real estate investing, online marketing, and sales. His upcoming book on ‘selling with love’ shares how shifting from fear to love in selling can bring abundance to yourself, your community and even lift the tide for all.



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