What would it mean to your company and career if you could double your sales in one year? If you are a  business owner or CEO, doubling your sales could mean millions in additional revenue. If you are an employee, doubling your sales will make you look like a superstar. But what would it take to bring your sales growth to the next level? In this episode, Jason Marc Campbell and Amanda Holmes, CEO of the legendary multi-million dollar company Chet Holmes International, uncover the secrets and business strategies of how thousands of companies have doubled their sales within 12 months and become the next ultimate sales machine. Get ready to transform your skills. 


Amanda Holmes is the CEO of Chet Holmes International (CHI), a privately held company that was founded by highly publicized thought leader Chet Holmes®, for the purpose of helping small to medium size businesses grow faster, better, smarter. She is the daughter of renowned sales expert and NY Times Best Selling author, Chet Holmes, and she inherited the business at 24 years old after her father unexpectedly passed away. Amanda’s singing career that spanned over seven years and four records suddenly came to an end. With her only background as a singer, Amanda learned from her father’s training developed from working with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies. With the tools she learned, she took the business world by storm when she increased conversions by 1,100%, increased leads generated by 1,176%, and doubled the company’s coaching clients two years in a row. One of her key initiatives when taking the reins was to experiment with marketing automation. She is also the CMO of Divine Bliss International, a spiritual non-profit organization, bringing Love and Light to individuals and businesses. Amanda is currently writing a new edition of her father’s book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” which was voted in the top 10 most recommended marketing and sales books of all time.


Listen out for:

– The mental health state of sales.

– The key to having a dream buyer strategy.

– 5 reasons to discover if they are dream buyers or not.

– How to find the best affiliates. 

– What we can do to create top of mind awareness.



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