Being present is more important than you think – deeply connecting with people in the present is the best way to lead them into the future. And there is a much deeper meaning to being present than simply being there. Leadership and cross-cultural consultant Michael Landers, and leadership advisor and mentor, Dr. Timothy Dukes, invite listeners to build authentic connections through presence, allowing for the growth of a deeper and richer culture in their organizations and their lives. Join Jason Marc Campbell, Michael Landers, and Dr. Timothy Dukes on this episode as they discuss the need to be conscious and internally aligned on the decision-making process on families, community, society, and ultimately, success. 


Michael Landers is the founder and president of Culture Crossing Inc., a global consulting company dedicated to finding innovative solutions for groups and individuals working in the multicultural marketplace. Over the past twenty years, he has been busy leading and facilitating programs for global executives and managers on leadership & change management, communication & team building, diversity & inclusion, and international marketing and negotiation. His work also includes providing strategic consulting services related to global talent development for companies and organizations ranging from early-stage start-ups to global leaders in various industries. Michael is the author of the best-selling book, Culture Crossing, the essential primer to working, living, and thriving in today’s increasingly multicultural marketplace and communities. 


Timothy Dukes is a leadership adviser who consults with senior leaders and teams, established business owners, political and organizational visionaries, emerging innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists to bridge the worlds of dynamic opposition so that what seems to be a contradiction can actually inform a process of continued evolution into clarity. His model for clarity is based on presence and mindfulness distilled from years of coaching leaders, clinical work, academic research, and contemplative practices. Timothy’s Lotus Seat™ process has been strategically designed to transform challenges into professional mastery. The net result is that individuals function as inspired, authentic leaders and communicators accountable for their actions. Timothy is the author of the book The Present Parent Handbook, a book that catalogs decades of work with both parents and children. Initially an academic endeavor, Tim has transformed theoretical material into everyday experience. His book sits at the intersection of thought and form and invites all to simply be present. Through moment-to-moment presence, “parenthood” can be birthed, women and men initiated, and children both held and facilitated.


Listen out for:

– How to be more present.

– Why leaders need to learn to be present. 

– The main symptoms of exhaustion at work. 

– Reasons why you need to slow down at work.

– 4 powers of presence that help with performance



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