Today on The Mindvalley Show, we are joined by the renowned Dr. Amy Killen, a leading expert in sexual regenerative medicine. Dr. Killen specializes in advanced treatments that reverse aging and elevate sexual health. With notable appearances in the Mindvalley documentary “Longevity” and as a featured speaker at prestigious events such as AFest, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table!

Dr. Amy Killen challenges the misconception that men over 40 require Viagra for a strong erection. She reveals how women can enhance their sexual experience as they age because, with the right strategy and mindset, sex can and should improve as you age!

In this episode, Dr. Killen discusses how overall health can enhance blood flow to your intimate areas and explores cutting-edge therapies like shockwave therapy, vaginal lasers, and red light therapy. Tune in to revolutionize your perspective on sex and aging, and embark on a journey to a more vibrant and passionate intimate life.


Key Takeaways:

[01:45] The truth behind sex in later years

[06:14] Six solutions to improve your sex life as you age

[16:18] Hormone optimization for better sexual health

[19:06] Light, heat, and sound therapies for sexual health

[21:40] Lasers and radio frequency treatments

[22:48] Stem cells and regenerative medicine


Where to Find Guest:




Memorable Quotes:

“There are a lot of other things that men can do to actually repair or generate the tissue of the penis that will allow them to have great erections without Viagra if they want that.” [3:01] -Dr. Amy Killen

“The biggest sex killer that I see out there is actually stress and sort of the abundance of stress that we have and our inability to deal with that in a way that makes us able to have sex properly.” [6:18] -Dr. Amy Killen 


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