As one of the most recognized faces of the Nickelodeon generation, Josh Peck has spent two decades in Hollywood…and he’s learned the life lessons that went with it. Featuring as one-half of Drake & Josh and starring in All That and The Amanda Show to name a few,  the transition from child star to adult actor wasn’t without struggle. In this episode, Vishen and Josh talk about his wonderfully candid memoir that’s peppered with his comedic wit and wisdom, why ‘happy people are annoying,’  and how Josh finally overcame addiction and found the real meaning of happiness.  


Listen out for:

– Josh’s struggles with body image and weight loss while growing up in the spotlight.

– Tips on growing your social media following and creating content.

– Josh’s revelations about happiness.



Josh Peck has established himself as one of Hollywood’s rising talents, making the seamless transition from child actor to leading man. He is best known for his role on the Nickelodeon phenomenon Drake & Josh and has starred in many feature films and guest-starred on shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Mindy Project. Now, you can also catch him in Disney Plus’ Turner and Hooch series (a continuation of the 1989 Tom Hanks film) and the highly anticipated Hulu series, How I Met Your Father. Josh’s new book, “Happy People Are Annoying” explores his two decades in Hollywood, his struggles, and his path to redemption—and ultimately, happiness.



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