What does it take to truly believe in yourself? A Mentor? Evidence? Support?

In this episode, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and co-author of Mindvalley’s first-ever Spanish language Quest Florencia Andres explains how to activate the most important thing to go for your dreams with total confidence. 


Florencia is an elite expert in coaching and motivation. Together with her mother Veronica, Florencia has published four books, all of which became bestsellers. Confianza Total, Todo es Posible, Confianza Total Para tus Hijos, and Renuévat have sold over half a million copies, leading to the pair becoming the first women in 40 years to win the “Gold Book Award.”  In 2020, they became the first authors to host a Mindvalley Quest in their native Spanish and ‘Confianza Total’ is available for all Mindvalley Members.


Listen out for:

– The single most important sentence that can change your life. (it’s only four words in English)

– The star athlete Florencia saved from self-doubt.

– Her system to predict which sports team will be successful (it never fails).

– What to do if the one person who is supposed to believe in you, doesn’t.

– How Florencia started believing in herself and became a best-seller.



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