“You can live with very little.”

Maye Musk became an international supermodel and speaker in her sixties but things were not always so perfect or glamorous in her life. Maye suffered an abusive relationship, dealt with weight issues as a plus-size model, overcame ageism in the modeling industry; and established a lifelong career as a respected dietitian. Find out how she managed to survive, raise three successful children, become a supermodel, dietitian, and an international bestselling author all on her own in this episode.

Listen out for:

  • Maye’s personal story.
  • How to instill kindness in children.
  • Tips on having the perfect body.
  • Maye’s spiritual practices.
  • Live bonus Q&A session.


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About Maye Musk

Maye Musk is an international bestselling author, dietitian, model, and speaker. Her book, “A Woman Makes A Plan”, is an international best-seller in 20 countries. She has reached success in the past 50+ years in the nutrition and modeling fields. Maye has run her own nutrition business for over 45 years. She was the first dietitian to be featured on a cereal box with her book, “Feel Fantastic”. Maye has been modeling since the age of 15. She has had four billboards in Times Square in her 60s, probably a record. Now in her 70s, she is the oldest Covergirl and at long last, a Supermodel, who travels the world doing high-fashion campaigns. 



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