Do you know that you will gradually get less and less in business if you keep doing what you are doing? According to business and goal-setting expert Kevin Shulman, this is because your competition is getting better. If you have big dreams and big ambitions and are willing to take action on them, you have to change and do different things. Join Jason Marc Campbell and Kelvin Shulman as they talk about proven systems for setting and achieving goals, whether about money, a promotion, a more satisfying relationship, or anything else important that you are willing and able to take action on.

Kevin Shulman is the President of Shulman & Associates Sandler Training, where he has been training business owners, sales managers, and salespeople full time to help them grow their business and reach their full potential. He is the author of the book “Goal-Setting Boot Camp” which provides a practical “how-to” practice goal setting. It is designed for anyone with dreams and visions of success. Kevin is also an active volunteer at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York. He is a former president of EEI, one of the premier networking groups for executives in New Jersey.

Listen out for:

– The gap in the goal-setting space.
– Goal-setting common mistakes.
– Where Kevin’s passion for goal-setting comes from.
– Goal setting rule of thumb.


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