If you’re facing setbacks in your life now, you’re gearing up for a transformation

Life has a funny way of causing chaos when you least expect it. It’s hard to see the light while you’re suffering. But what if, like an arrow pulled back, the universe is actually preparing you to hit your target?

Listen out for:

  • How Vishen got over losing his marriage, his mobility and nearly losing his parents in a horrific six week period
  • The only two paths to true personal transformation and how to approach them
  • How to use any ‘disorienting dilemma’ or suffering as a tool for your evolution

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About Dr Harry Adelson…

Dr. Harry Adelson is a leading specialist on stem cell therapy, a trained Naturopathic Physician, as well as a keynote speaker on TEDx and Mindvalley’s stage.

He has written extensively on topics surrounding regenerative therapy and has performed over 4,000 stem cell-related procedures, making him one of the most experienced world-practitioners for stem cell treatments.

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