Do you ever suffer from Social Anxiety?

According to Psychology Today,  60% of us identify as people who are shy or socially anxious. So what you’re going to learn in this podcast is how to overcome social anxiety, how to get rid of situations where you feel shy in large groups, and how to move into this beautiful state of being where you just are able to move through a room and flow and connect deeply with people there.

Listen out for:

  • What social anxiousness ACTUALLY feels like
  • The remarkable power of The Social Flow Process.
  • The 3 ‘Flow Triggers’ are and how to use them

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About Andrew Horn..

Andrew Horn is a serial social entrepreneur, speaker and writer on a deep mission to spread gratitude and meaningful connection in the world. He is a frequent contributor to media outlets like MindBodyGreen, HuffPo and TheMuse. He focuses his writing on “The Art of Meaningful Conversation” – How to overcome anxiety, ask better questions and connect with anyone.

Andrew began professional speaking at a young age, giving his first TEDx talk at 21. Andrew is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, was selected to Startup Boost’s 33 under 33, and received the Mayor’s Community Service award in Washington, D.C at the age of 23.

Before launching Tribute, Andrew started an award-winning children’s non-profit called Dreams for Kids DC. In three years, he established the organization as one of the premiere adaptive athletic providers in Washington, D.C.

You can find out more about Andrew at his site,



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