Do you want to unlock your full creative potential and find balance in your life? In this episode of The Mindvalley Show, Vishen interviews internationally renowned Emirati DJ, DJ Bliss. As the first Emirati DJ to achieve a number-one album on iTunes and sign with major music companies like BMG and Universal, DJ Bliss serves as an inspiration for a whole new generation of musicians. 

Today DJ Bliss shares his story of finding success and fulfillment and how it can come from unexpected places. How he incorporates spirituality into his daily life, allowing him to navigate the high-energy world of the entertainment industry with a strong mind, body, and soul connection. 

Through meditation and mindfulness practices, DJ Bliss found a sense of balance that not only helped him excel in his career but also led him to create a unique sound. His story inspires us to explore the unexpected and find our own paths to success. But what is the secret to creating unique music? Let’s dive deeper into DJ Bliss’s mental models and practices to find out.

Key Takeaways:

[00:47] Where DJing Started

[05:12] Overcoming COVID

[07:21] Approach to Building a Career

[13:29] Spirituality in Clubbing & Reality TV

[16:47] Spirituality vs. Judgement

[17:53] Abundance and Meditation

[22:39] Energy Architecture

[24:19] Daily Affirmations

[27:36] Juggling Family and Career

[33:49] AI and Music

[37:10] The Future of Creativity and Technology

[38:33] DJ Bliss’s Upcoming Plans

[39:08] The Bliss List and Abundance Meditation

Where to Find Our Guest:




Spotify: DJ Bliss

Apple: DJ Bliss


Memorable Quotes:

“I try to do as much as I can to find balance. So if this is all the way left, is all the way right, if I do both, then I can meet somewhere in the middle, and that’s where I try to be.” – DJ Bliss

“If you really want to do something and you put your mind to it, you are gonna do it.” DJ Bliss

“Because I was not the cool kid in school, I wouldn’t get invited to the parties. So I’m like, how do I get to these parties? So I said, Let me play some music.” DJ Bliss

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