Today on The Mindvalley Show, we dive into the world of your five senses with author Gretchen Rubin. Her ninth book, Life In Five Senses, gives you the tools to ease anxiety and unlock happiness by tapping into the experience of the senses. 

Noise, smell, touch, sight, and taste all have the power to alleviate stress and bring you back to the center. Gretchen teaches you how to enhance your environment with items that awaken your soul. By understanding your unique associations with each sense, you can clear your environment of overwhelming sensations and create a space that keeps you at ease.

Getting in tune with your senses will help you with productivity, and relaxation, and can even bring you luck. Gretchen shares how she discovered how to ground herself by honing in on a single sense to cope with overwhelming situations. 

Join us for an inspiring conversation about the power of the senses and how you can create a more joyful life. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What inspired Life in 5 Senses 

[3:00] Appreciating your senses 

[5:15] Easing anxiety with your 5 senses

[8:00] Clearing the sound around you 

[12:18] Feeling out of touch 

[14:28] Positive associations with taste

[16:10] Evoking memories with smell


Where to Find Guest:

Life in Five Senses


Memorable Quote:

“This is precious, let’s not take it for granted, but really go out of our way to amplify, because when we dial into our senses, there’s so much delight, there’s so much connection, there are so many memories that come from it.”  [4:50] -Gretchen Rubin


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