Imagine being so calm and resilient in the face of your next wave of turmoil or difficulty… that you find yourself sailing through it with ease, peace, and confidence, where others would helplessly sink.


In this episode, the celebrated business professor described by Vishen as part-monk, part-Yoda, will give you a remarkable model of reality that builds extraordinary resilience and allows you to reframe any suffering or negativity into effortless bliss and gratitude.


Dr. Srikumar Rao is the creator of the most popular and highest-rated MBA programs at many of the world’s top business schools. His 45-Day Mindvalley program – ‘The Quest for Personal Mastery’ is a distillation of the same knowledge and wisdom he’s taught to countless top business graduates.



Listen out for:

– Why the universe is benevolent and on your side.

– The importance of the gratitude practice. 

– Learning to see the good in whatever comes to you.

– How to apply the benevolent universe model in your life.



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