What if I told you that you were living in an illusion? 

Today we question the nature of reality with Dr. Srikumar Rao, author of Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots; he is a groundbreaking business coach and speaker who taps into ancient concepts that are still relevant to post-industrial society. This timeless wisdom will wake you from the illusion of dissatisfaction and desire. 

In this episode, Dr. Rao shares three powerful ideas that will shift your perception of reality and help unlock your capacity for joy. 

Happiness does not depend on anything; Dr.Rao points out that the idea that your joy hinges on your accomplishments is the illusion of want. You are chasing a feeling that you think will set you free, but the bigger house, the better job, and more money are not what will bring you joy because you can tap into eternal bliss under any conditions.

He explains the Hindu concept of Ānanda, the state of being which allows you to let go of your earthly attachments and achieve eternal bliss. Ānanda is your natural state of being because the universe is benevolent, and everything you experience is neither good nor bad, so you do not need to chase anything. Everything in your life is as it should be and is designed specifically for your growth and fulfillment. Dr. Rao demystifies the mindset necessary to unlock eternal bliss. 

Join us to recognize the illusion you’re living in so that you can set yourself free from it and experience the beauty of life as it unfolds before you.


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Modern Wisdom Ancient Roots

[3:30] You Are Living In An Illusion

[9:20] Searching For a Sense of Fullness 

[12:00] Recognizing The Dilemma 

[18:35] The Happiness Illusion

[27:45] You are  Ānanda

[31:25] Gratitude is a Feeling 

[39:00] The Benevolent Universe 

[42:00] Is the Universe Friendly?


Where to Find Guest:


Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots 


Memorable Quotes:

“You cannot solve an internal problem with external action.”  [11:00]  -Dr. Srikumar Rao

“You’re introducing duality. There is me, and there is something else, which will make me feel a particular manner. In reality, there is only one. There is no me to experience something else, we are all one.”   [13:20] – Dr. Srikumar Rao

“You cannot chase a feeling. You have to let the feeling find you and emerge, but what you can do is create conditions, which are receptive to this happening in your life.


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