In our lives, we have at least that one person who has done us so wrong that we don’t think we will ever be able to forgive them. But what if that grudge is what has been stopping us from becoming the best version of ourselves? Are we ready to let go and forgive that person to finally move on with our lives and perform at our peak level? In this episode, Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, gives us all the reasons and steps we need to train ourselves to forgive everything to live a way better life.    


Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, and activist on a mission to raise human consciousness. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, an award-winning education movement with millions of students worldwide. He is also a two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass.


Listen out for:

– How to be unfuckwithable. 

– The importance of forgiveness in our lives.

– How forgiveness affects our brainwaves.

– 8 steps to forgiving anyone. 

– Guided meditation for forgiveness.



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