How can you be captivating, dynamic, and memorable on video? How about in emails or chats? Whether on endless Zoom calls, emailing VIPs, giving presentations over the video, or just chatting with friends and colleagues, learn how to captivate every time. In this episode, Vanessa Van Edwards, bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People gives you a toolbox of powerful people skills specifically for online use.


Vanessa is the Lead Investigator at Her book, ‘Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People’, has been translated into 16 different languages, and more than 30 million people have watched her on YouTube. She regularly speaks at innovative companies including Google, Intel, Facebook,  and Microsoft.. and Her TEDx London Talk on the Science of Charisma has been watched over 2,000,000 times. Vanessa’s science-based framework for understanding different personalities is used all around the world by individuals and businesses seeking to improve emotional intelligence and better communicate with colleagues, clients, and customers.


Listen out for:

– How to make online meetings energy-giving instead of draining.

– Tips on how to make a better impression online. 

– Shark Tank best pitches patterns.

– The secret to creating oxytocin online.  

– The importance of seeing hands in online presence.

– What all the best Ted Talkers have in common.

– The key to using your vocal power to gain trust.



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