Compare the ‘you’ of the past to the ‘you’ now. The difference between the two is the series of breakthroughs you acted upon. In this episode, Vishen and David Nurse, NBA Mindset Coach, dive into the world of breakthrough formulas and winning mindsets. Get ready to learn how to redefine your achievements.


Listen out for:

– The story of how David became the number one NBA mindset coach on Earth.

– The Breakthrough Formula and how to use it. 

– The SENSE model that helps you push through limitations.

– How to understand and find your life’s ‘How.’



David Nurse’s life is the blueprint for daily breakthroughs. As a former professional athlete, his ability to enter the zone and master his mindset led to two Guinness World Records for shooting. In 2016, the Brooklyn Nets hired him to help players improve their shooting; they went from being 28th in the league in 3pt shooting to 2nd overall. His training method was dubbed as building “athletes of the future”. With two books and a successful coaching business, David’s Breakthrough blueprint will help everyone transform life’s challenges into daily Breakthroughs.



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