“Integrity dating is first about doing your inner work, going on your personal journey and loving yourself, then attracting that partner.”

The dating scene can be a cruel world! It can feel almost impossible to find someone you connect with deeply. Luckily we have a solution. ‘Integrity Dating’ is a refreshing approach; a movement that deals with dating from the inside-out. Let personal growth meet your modern dating reality by tuning into this special podcast with International TV Presenter, Neelam Verma.

Listen out for:

  • Neelam’s personal story. 
  • Steps to make dating work for us.
  • How to move from physical sex to spiritual sex.
  • Live bonus Q&A session.


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About Neelam Verma

Neelam Verma is an international TV Presenter, former Miss Canada, and a Miss Universe Finalist. She worked with leading TV networks around the world including CNN, ESPN, and the Discovery Channel. She conducted hundreds of interviews with newsmakers, celebrities, New York Times Bestselling authors, professional athletes, and spiritual leaders. After experiencing deep heartbreak and a near-death experience she realized that the purpose of life is Love. She stepped away from her media career to focus on healing her heart and went on an extraordinary journey around the world. Then she created Integrity DatingTM from her deep desire to find real love and a life companion. Although she is a graduate from a leading Canadian Business School, Neelam likes to list her educational accomplishments as a Bachelor in Heartbreak, a Master in Relationships, and a Ph.D. in Healing from the School of Life!



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