Choose the long route or take a quantum leap in your personal growth?

In personal growth, we can either take the long route to break out of our limiting beliefs or we could simply make the decision to make a quantum leap.

This talk by Srikumar Rao is a deep well of anecdotes, analogies, and life lessons, centered around three of his core concepts to help your learning curve.

Through his stories, you’ll hear exactly how you can apply his core concepts into your life and break out of your brules for good.

Your entire life has been nothing but an attempt to exert control over some part of your internal or external environment.
Learn to think differently.
— Srikumar Rao

Listen out for:

[03:20] Core Concept 1: Anchoring a Feeling — What people mean when they talk about making a quantum leap in their lives

[05:45] Srikumar’s manifesto for an ideal life

[08:26] The difference between a rich life experience versus working harder for a richer life

[12:25] Core Concept 2: The Illusion of Control — How we can begin to think differently

[23:44] Core Concept 3: Mental Chatter — The negative effects it has on our lives and the correlation between our mental chatter and our mental models

[32:27] How to make the choice of adopting healthier models and determine your emotional domain

[37:22] The Alternate Reality exercise — Improve a situation in your life immediately with this quick exercise

(On determining your emotional domain)
One, you have a choice.
Two, you exercise the choice.
— Srikumar Rao

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