Are you dreaming big or tolerating the bare minimum?

When it comes to attaining wealth, many still subconsciously cling to limiting beliefs. Although we all want unlimited abundance, beliefs like greed, or money is the root of all evil still persists.

Toxic attitudes like being extra thrifty or stingy come from a scarcity mindset more than an abundant mindset.

It’s not enough to only dream big and desire more, it’s also important to stop sabotaging ourselves by merely tolerating our bare minimum efforts.

One who’s personally in the trenches with this topic is Regan Hillyer. She has since gone from collecting thousands of dollars in personal debt to building multiple 7-figure businesses. Using a unique set of tools, Regan turned her life around and became a successful entrepreneur, international speaker, and mindset coach.

The problem is not, can you dream enough.
The problem is, what are you actually tolerating?
How do you shift that? How do you raise that?
— Regan Hillyer

Through a series of personal stories, Regan breaks down 9 steps she unlocked to become the millionaire she had always envisioned for herself.

Listen out for:

(03:37) The Why and How to begin manifesting millions in your life

(14:34) Step 1: Activate your multi-million dollar vision

(18:42) Step 2: Become the millionaire first

(21:38) Step 3: Shift your level of tolerance

(24:21) Step 4: Rewire your money blueprint

(27:19) Step 5: Release toxic money blocks

(28:54) Step 6: Tap into the energy of Rich

(31:00) Step 7: Physically embody the millionaire within

(35:02) Step 8: Cultivate your inner millionaire circle

(36:28) Step 9: Take aligned Action

(38:24) A guided visualization to tap into the millionaire version of you

Manifesting millions is really about saying yes to
a greater level of contribution to play out in your life.
— Regan Hillyer

Who says the best days of your life stop after college?

Regan delivered this talk at Mindvalley University Pula, Croatia in the summer of 2019. Both her partner Juan Pablo and herself have been regulars of Mindvalley University since its inception in 2017 in Barcelona.

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