Are you being too hard on yourself?

Gelong Thubten, the monk who trained the cast members of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, graced the stage of Mindvalley University Pula, Croatia to share an incredible concept about happiness.

It’s a fact that practicing mindfulness and meditating regularly is known to boost a person’s happiness level. But, what if the pursuit of the perfect practice brings us down?

There’s a cultural myth about meditation where many believe they have to clear their minds completely to achieve a “high” or have a “successful” practice.

The inability to have a blank slate creates a sense of failure. Often times, it leads to negative mental chatter.

It’s no surprise many become demotivated to build a consistent practice and believe that meditation is simply not for them.

“I started to meditate to try and get happiness.
I was programmed to believe something’s only working
if you feel good as a result of it.”

— Gelong Thubten

In this talk you’ll hear:

  • Thubten’s story; from a wild lifestyle to a Buddhist Monastery, how meditation helped him face the darkness within himself and transformed his misery into happiness
  • The difference between compassion, empathy, and how practicing Compassion-based-Mindfulness can benefit everyone around us, especially ourselves
  • The easily applicable practice of Compassion-based-Mindfulness which you can incorporate into your day
  • The 3 phases in a meditation session and how to make the best of each one
  • A Q&A session with the audience on topics of compassion, self-love, helping loved ones, and more
  • A 15-minute guided meditation with Gelong Thubten which calls, Meditate on Compassion

“Generate in the mind compassionate acceptance of your own thoughts and emotions. It changes everything.”

— Gelong Thubten

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