Feel like the spark has been dimmed in your romantic relationship, but not sure what to do about it? 

In this popular A-Fest presentation, psychotherapist and best-selling author Esther Perel gets to the root of why so many couples feel their love life has lots its spark—and how we can find it again.

Esther explains how the Erotic Self exists within all of us, but because of societal and cultural influences has become repressed. She discusses the model of modern day marriage and how our definition of ‘intimacy’ has evolved over time.  She tackles the most common challenges the modern couple faces and leaves us with practical steps we can apply in our romantic relationship immediately.

Esther shares her knowledge with vibrant energy and enthusiasm. Her passionate presentation is exactly what we need to spark the flame back into our love life.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 3 Tensions that Cause Friction in Romantic Relationships
  • Most Common Answers to “I’m most drawn to my partner when…”
  • Our 2 Fundamental Needs and How they Shape Our Erotic Self
  • The Essential Ingredient that Comes with Desire
  • Why Searching for “The One” is a Bad Idea
  • The Difference between Sex and Eroticism
  • The Paradox of Our Need for Security and Need for Adventure
  • Erotic Elan and Why Modern Relationships Need More of It
  • Why the Modern Definition of Intimacy Creates Problems
  • The Most Common Mistake the Modern Couple Makes
  • Practical Steps to Grow our Romantic Partnership Everyday
  • The Fundamentals for Building a Successful Long-Term Relationship

“Love is a verb, not a permanent state of enthusiasm.”

Are you ready to rekindle the dormant flame in your love life? Tune into this episode to hear Esther explain how.


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