“Sometimes in stories you can find those little events that can explain bigger situations really simply.”

Have you heard of Goalcast? If you haven’t, it might be time to check them out. With over 30 million fans and 500 million video views a month, Goalcast empowers millions of people to live a life of purpose and connects human beings seeking truth and authenticity. In this talk, the founders of Goalcast, Salim Sader, and Cyrus Gorjipour share their tips and insights on how to create videos that go viral.

Listen out for:

  • Scooter Braun’s Goalcast video story. 
  • The story behind the well-known Rock Thomas’s video.
  • 4 Rules Goalcast videos follow. 


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About Salim Sader & Cyrus Gorjipour

When co-founders Cyrus Gorjipour and Salim Sader created Goalcast in 2016, they were both disillusioned by the traditional academic system. Cyrus had suffered through years of low self-esteem and depression before discovering a psychological concept called the internal locus of control, the belief that you are responsible for your own success. The powerful mindset reframe helped him turn his life around, and made him wonder why this sort of principle was not taught in schools. Meanwhile, Salim was a physics teacher, and he couldn’t bear the thought of putting students into a box and limiting the extent of their potential to exams and grades. He and Cyrus came together to give others the tools to succeed in the school of life. Today, Goalcast is one of the fastest-growing personal development brands in the world. 



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