Welcome to the very first episode of the NEW Mindvalley Show! I am Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley. Expect to level up with each episode as I interview some of the most influential and groundbreaking individuals shaping the world for the better. 

Today we welcome Nuseir Yassin. Nuseir is a popular social media personality whose channel, NasDaily, focuses on elevating people, countries, and technologies. He explains that even though he and I are friends, we cannot legally visit each other’s countries due to the ban on Israelis in Malaysia and Malaysians in Israel. This conversation highlights the importance of elevating people as well as technologies, and the need to promote understanding and tolerance between nations.

We also have a lively debate, and share how much time an entrepreneur should work in a week! The minimalist argues for time constraints, while the maximalist defends his non-stop work ethic. Join us for this spirited exchange of ideas as we dissect our own habits and build a deeper understanding of how much work goes into building an empire!


Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Using social media to elevate humanity

[4:25] Vishen’s political obstacles after 911

[10:20] Navigating the world as an Israeli 

[13:10]Shifting from sensational news to spreading unity 

[16:25] Training storytellers with Nas Academy 

[19:25] The difficult journey of an entrepreneur 

[23:25] Commiting to a singular mission

[25:17] The niceness trap 

[28:40] Defining company culture

[31:30] Debate: How much should an entrepreneur work?

[33:40] The reticular activation system and manifestation

[36:10] Defining spirituality in relationship to creativity

[39:40] Time constraints and opportunity

[42:07] Are you a sniper or a machine gun?

[49:50] The rules change at every stage of life

[51:25] Work expands to the time allowed for it

[52:15] Top 3 lessons from Nusseir


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Memorable Quotes:

“I think people forget how sensitive it is to even say the “I” word, on the internet. YOu can’t even say you’re from Isreal because to them Israel doesn’t exist, and you’re like, but this is where I’m from and you’re not gonna delete where I’m from, and so it’s been a constant battle between Israel versus Palestine as opposed to Israel and Palestine, so really I want to dedicate the rest of my life, like you, to  the “and” as opposed to the “or”.”  [10:32] -Nuseir Yassin


“If you surround yourself with 10 tech entrepreneurs, with enough time, you will become a tech entrepreneur, and so I really think everyone should double down and research who are the 10 people that I interact with on a daily basis, and if they are even just slightly questionable, you must shut them off!” [18:34] -Nuseir Yassin


“My goal in life is to build a company like the ship of Theseus. No matter who comes in, no matter who the CEO is, no matter who the software engineer is, Nas Company stands for something bigger than any individual, and that is how you build a hundred-year company!” [30:15] -Nuseir Yassin


“Our brain will help us notice things that we need to notice, so if you are constantly telling yourself, I live an amazing life, I have the most inspiring conversations, you are more likely to notice the inspirations and the conversations that you have. You are more likely to notice people that might inspire you!” [34:05] -Vishen Lakhiani


“You are constraining how much time you have, so you force yourself to be effective, and you also have enough time for rest, for recuperation, so you are more energetic every day. Also, you now open yourself up to opportunity, so when you open yourself up to opportunity, you end up finding unique ways to grow your business rather than banging at the same problem the same way!”  [41:43] -Vishen Lakhiani



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