Today’s guest is Dr. Sara Al Madani, a single mother, TV personality, and serial entrepreneur. Sara has overcome great obstacles of abuse and betrayal, while never losing her connection to kindness. Her story sets a new standard of what is possible for single mothers and entrepreneurs. She is proof that your circumstances do not determine your outcome. 

Sara shares how she has crafted an intentional life that supports her child, her business, and her mental health. You do not need to limit yourself to cultural norms. Society’s playbook is simply the expectations of the dead, and Sara leads by example, living on her own terms without needing anyone’s approval. 

In this episode, we explore how to heal from trauma through radical responsibility. Sara conquered her own trauma by accepting responsibility for the standard of treatment she set for herself. She shares her philosophy that the mind is like tofu; it becomes whatever you marinate it in. Through honest evaluation of your actions, an inventory of your influences, and a commitment to kindness, you can craft a life that envelopes you in positivity and love. Join us as we explore the possibilities of a mindful entrepreneur.


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Chief life officer program

[4:00] Living instead of existing 

[8:45] Letting go of micromanaging 

[11:40] Entrepenurship as a single mother 

[19:30] Sara’s son’s stand-up routine 

[20:00] Thriving after abusive relationships 

[24:35] The brain is like tofu 

[29:27] Tattoos and reprogramming 

[33:45] Healing by taking responsibility 

[37:50] We are all vessels 

[40:00] What makes an icon

[42:00] Prioritizing mental health 


Where to Find Guest:

Instagram: @sara_almadani_



Memorable Quotes:

“I realized by doing that, I am not allowing them to be creative. I am not allowing them to give their highest potential, because they know the boss is going to come in any second and fix it all up. It really takes a toll on you as a person, mentally and physically. So I started to let go slowly, and it was so hard in the beginning but then I learned, and now I don’t micromanage.”    [10:05] -Sara Al Madani


“When I gave birth, I looked at my kid and just by looking at him, the minute he was born, I was like, you know what, I want to do so much for you. You inspire me. I want to create. I want to want to give. I want to do, and I was like, oh my god, everything I’ve been told about being a mother is just culture, society expectations; it’s just pollution of the mind, basically, and that’s how they limit you as a mother, and make you think that this is the end of you, but no, my son was the beginning of me.” [12:00] -Sara Al Madani


“What is culture? It’s us satisfying people in the grave.” [28:40] -Sara Al Madani 


“This is when you meet yourself halfway through, it’s when you look at where you went wrong. Who cares about them?! It’s not like it’s going to change them. It’s not going to make them better people. Screw them! Let’s focus on me, how did you go wrong?”     [36:25] -Sara Al Madani


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