Today on The Mindvalley Show, Unleash the power of branding with Jeffrey Perlman, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Zumba and a strategic advisor to Mindvalley. In this episode, Jeffrey explains the concept of deep branding and going beyond the superficial aspects of logos and graphics. He reveals how great brands shape a company’s visual identity and influence its culture and product design.

Jeffrey highlights the significance of creating iconic personas in popular culture, explaining how they grant permission for a new type of human to emerge. He explores the intricate neurological connection between emotions and brand identity. This episode offers valuable insights into discovering the brand filter, understanding the contrarian worldview, and uncovering the elusive trigger crystal. Jeffrey’s expertise emphasizes the importance of listening to your brand and following your intuition to build a successful brand.

Join us in this episode to explore how deep branding can transform your business, creating a brand that resonates with all aspects of the human experience. Discover how deep branding can elevate your brand beyond the surface, forging a profound connection with your audience and shaping your business culture and product design. Learn to trust your intuition while building your brand to create a brand that truly stands out and transforms your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the world of deep branding with Jeffrey Perlman, a master in the field, and take your brand to new heights.

Key takeaways:

[02:12] Utilizing deep branding

[04:03] Creating iconic brands

[08:14] Defining the peak experience of a product 

[10:07] How to find the brand filter and apply it everywhere

[13:39] Creating a contrarian worldview within your brand

[13:39] Brand filter and contrarian rule discussed

[14:46] How Apple positioned its brand against complexity

[18:49] Importance of a unique brand filter

[24:38] Intuition and conviction

[25:42] The Zumba’s business model 

[32:15] How transformational brands create a new type of human

[38:00] Understanding your brand architecture

Where to find our guest:

Building an Unstoppable Brand


Memorable Quotes:

“Brands give permission for a new human to exist.” [4:47] -Jefferey Perlman

“Every brand is art, and every founder is an artist.” [19:57] -Jefferey Perlman


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