Today on The Mindvalley Show, get ready to unlock the secrets of financial mastery with our esteemed guest, Robert G. Allen. A renowned author and speaker celebrated for his expertise in real estate investing and multiple income streams, he’s the genius behind the bestselling book, “Multiple Streams of Income.” In this episode, Robert will lead you on a journey to financial freedom and help you build multiple streams of income.

Delve into the vital lessons that lead to financial security and independence. Robert Allen emphasizes the necessity of diversification and the power of generating money while you sleep through residual income. Learn about the groundbreaking Money Tree formula, including its five essential branches, and delve into the world of real estate investing and tax liens as lucrative income sources.

Are you ready to revolutionize your financial future? Tune in to this electrifying episode and embark on your quest for multiple streams of income, residual riches, and lasting financial freedom. With Robert as your guide, you’ll gain the insights and strategies needed to transform your wealth landscape.


Key takeaways:

[02:17] The importance of multiple streams of income

[03:28] The need for safety and diversification in income streams

[14:01] Balancing intuition and practicality when quitting a job.

[23:06] The power of e-commerce and social media in business.

[24:00] Transitioning to real estate as a stream of income.

[29:23] Buying properties with no money down.

[32:39] Dealing with highly motivated sellers and tenants.

[36:15] Buying two homes sight unseen with no money down

[40:34] Finding tax liens through county listings

[44:13] Focusing on three projects at a time

[49:06] Mindvalley Financial Freedom Summit

[50:06] Importance of passive income in uncertain times


Where to find our guest:


Multiple Streams of Income


Memorable Quotes:

“Everybody needs multiple streams because of safety. You need multiple. Just like everybody tells you you need diversify in your stock market, you need to diversify your streams of income.” [4:47] -Robert G. Allen

“Three to 6% of the time when you buy a tax lien certificate, the person defaults on the home. They couldn’t pay their taxes in there. They can’t pay their mortgages and they lose the house.” [39:48] -Robert G. Allen


Resources Mentioned:

Mindvalley Financial Freedom Summit 2023


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