“No matter what financial position you’re in, find a way to give.” 

Have you ever noticed that someone can have the same or less knowledge and experience as you, yet still make more money? Why is this? The difference is that they’ve sold themselves as ‘the authority’. Best selling author, Robert Raymond Riopel, is about to give you the keys to unlock and open the doors to success with his ‘Authority Key Formula’.

Listen out for:

  • Robert’s crazy career journey. 
  • The 6 Jar Technique for managing money. 
  • The Authority Formula.
  • Live bonus Q&A session.


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About Robert Riopel 

Robert is a world-class trainer, author, and founder of AMENTORA INC. With his high energy and heartfelt style, Riopel has been blessed enough to travel around the world helping over 200,000 people find their passions and financial freedom. He has shared the stage with the Dahli Lama & Sir Richard Branson, and trained notables such as David Woods, Doug Nelson, Colin Sprake, Robert Yates, and thousands of other trainers. Robert’s mission is to guide and assist individuals in identifying and living their purpose with passion. He is the author of Success Left A Clue: 6 Life-Changing Habits to Achieving Your Dreams While Keeping it Real, Relevant & Repeatable.



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