Put your heart into anything you do and the world will give you back so much more than you think.

What is the one thing you can share that made all the difference in your life? 

In this episode, we’re bringing you a talk from our A-Fest stage, a Silicon Valley speaker, entrepreneur, and self-published best-selling author, Kamal Ravikant. He shares his story of becoming an entrepreneur who learned the key ingredients to a successful and fulfilling life.

Kamal shares:
  • How Noah Kagan reminded him of an important message to share with the world
  • A story about his friend Joanna, and her near-death experience
  • The one consistent pattern of happy and successful people
  • His story of “stumbling” into a career as an entrepreneur
  • The different choices he made when he became a CEO
  • His vow to himself at the lowest point in his life
  • The pivotal decision of self-publishing his book
  • The 4 things that matter to a fulfilling life:
    • The pure expression of yourself
    • Giving your all
    • Putting it out into the world
    • Recognizing the magic on the other side

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“One of the key things in life is,
we are the effort,
we are never the outcome.”
“I’m jumping off another cliff,
I’ll sprout wings again.”
Here are Kamal’s books that we’d recommend you to start reading to get you started:

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