Discover The Power Of Being Vulnerable

Are you putting on a brave face today? Remember, there’s power in being vulnerable.

Rich Litvin, author and expert on high-achievers, founder of The Confident Woman’s Salon and The High-Achieving Introvert Project, shares a powerful yet simple exercise on vulnerability. There’s an emotional truth behind every strong face. And there’s an unfortunate yet common truth, not only among high-achievers but with every Tom, Jane, and Sally, that staying strong is expected of us. However, Rich provokes this societal conditioning with a question — “Why don’t you need help?”

Highlights from the episode:

  • The story of his father and Rich’s last message to him
  • The story of a successful businessman and what he actually desires
  • How Rich’s support group of high-achievers stay vulnerable
  • The powerful exercise on vulnerability begins with a question
  • The dilemma of sharing through open communication
  • The story of Rich’s moment of disappointment and vulnerability

People mentioned in the episode:

  • Brene Brown

Here’s a powerfully honest quote by Rich from the episode:

“I hadn’t realized just how hard I push help away
and then I secretly resent you for not helping me.”
— Rich Litvin

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What was your main takeaway from Rich’s talk?

Are you afraid to be vulnerable?

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