Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness.

Rich Litvin, author and founder of The High-Achieving Introvert Project and The Confident Woman’s Salon, explains how due to our societal conditioning we often view needing help as a weakness. Rich explains how this phenomenon is particularly prevent among those that are considered ‘successful,’ and how he turned this misconception around in an elite support circle of high-achieving businessmen, entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities.

Rich describes by how allowing ourselves to show our most vulnerable side we can ultimately become more powerful, successful and achieve more in life. He shares practical, powerful exercises on how to use our vulnerability as our superpower.

“Consider: the very qualities—how you show up in the world—that have helped you to be the successful person you are now might be the very things standing in your way of what’s truly possible for you.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • 3 Things all Highly Successful People Have in Common
  • How a Support Group of High-Achievers stay Accountable to Their Vulnerability
  • Why a Vulnerability Hangover can Actually Be Refreshing (you need to try this)
  • A Practical, Powerful Exercise to Begin uncovering Our Hidden Vulnerability
  • What Rich’s Dad’s Deathbed Message Taught Him
  • The Surprising Dilemma of Open Communication
  • The First Question we Need to Ask Those that Don’t Show Vulnerability (this is powerful!)
  • Why we Often Teach what We Most Need to Learn

“If you don’t have a vulnerability hangover, you probably didn’t share deep enough.” 

Ready to discover how allowing yourself to be vulnerable can help you achieve more in life?  Don’t miss Rich explain how.



  • Brené Brown

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What was your main takeaway from Rich’s talk?

In what small ways do you hide your vulnerability on a daily basis?

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