Living Life By The Authenticity Code

Who are you seeking approval from today?

This is the hard-to-swallow question Philip McKernan asks in this episode of The Mindvalley Podcast. Philip is an Irish author, filmmaker, and all-around incredible storyteller. On the stage of Mindvalley’s A-Fest, he shares “The Authenticity Code” which he built through a life of trial and error. Through his talent for storytelling, he goes deep into the difficult questions most are looking to solve in their life.

Highlights from the talk

  1. The Story of Passion

    Philip opens the stage with a few narratives including the story of Andre Agassi, former world no.1 tennis player

  2. The Authenticity Code

    Philip breaks down the root of human being’s greatest fear of public speaking

  3. The Story of Masks

    With this story, he anchors it to the over-embracing question of the day, “who are you seeking approval from today?”

  4. The Story of Awareness

    From an anecdote to a self-image rating, Philip pins the truth of how most people see themselves

  5. Quotes by Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs

    He compares two quotes from two of the most brilliant minds in the history of humankind on the power of intuition

  6. The Story of Philip’s Five Happiest Days

    He shares a short exercise anyone can do to gain immediate clarity and increase positivity in life

  7. The Things Standing in Your Way of Gaining Clarity

    Philip lists the major things affecting everyone today from gaining clarity in their present and future

  8. The Stage Example of Goals

    He addresses the feeling of holding on for dear life while persisting on attaining set-goals

  9. The Two Things that Stop Human Beings from Achieving Something Extraordinary

    There are the tangible truth and the intangible version that’s bombing our chances at greatness

  10. A Poem For Self-Doubters

    Philip recites a poem by Alden Nowlen on self-belief regardless of where we are in life

  11. An Exercise On Clarity

    Philip explains the three things that come with this exercise, which includes, a moment of self-reflection, calling bullshit, and a question to tie it all together.

  12. Tips on How to Create a Soulset

    Here he sets a few pointers on how to arrive at your authentic self with a reference to Irish professional golfer, Padraig Harrington.

  13. Statements to Finish on Your Own

    Philip ends the talk with two statements to reflect deeply upon

“Your past created your present,
and your present is creating everything in your future.
If you don’t deal with your past,
you’ll pass it to your next generation
You have a moral obligation to your story.”

Philip McKernan

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