Who are you seeking approval from today?

Celebrated Irish author, filmmaker and keynote speaker Philip Mckernan reveals the famed “Authenticity Code.” Philip explains how we’re constantly living our lives to seek approval from a specific person (whether we even realize it or not), and how this prevents us from living authentically.

In this one-of-a-kind A-Fest presentation, Philip respectfully calls bullshit on ‘not being clear’ with our purpose. He explains how we really do know, but how certain things get in the way of us living our truth, our higher calling on this planet. In his straightforward, no-nonsense style, Philip shares powerful truths and practical exercises to help us lead more authentic lives.

“Most of us don’t step outside and do what we really need to do because we think we don’t deserve to be in that place.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 2 Things that Stop Us from Achieving the Extraordinary
  • Our Greatest Human Fear (this will surprise you!)
  • Philip’s Five Happiest Days and What They Have in Common with Yours
  • The 4 Things that Stop Us from Finding Clarity (+ Practical Exercises to Gain Clarity)
  • Powerful Tips to Create a Soulset
  • A Poem For Self-Doubters
  • Why we Need to Take a Break From Our Goals
  • The Root of Our Fear of Public Speaking
  • Why Living Our Potential has Nothing to Do With Our Ability
  • Why Philip Wouldn’t Live for His Children
  • Why we Need to Get in Touch with Our Intuition

“We give ourselves what we feel we deserve. You may not feel your deserve it right now, but the world needs it.”

Are you ready to live the life you deserve and make the world a better place? Don’t miss Philip’s powerful presentation on how to live an extraordinary life.




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