Have you had your kairos moment yet?

Or are you going through the motions of life, but actually asleep?

Until Sam was in a head-on collision with a semi-trailer and life as he knew it was catapulted into a new dimension, Sam didn’t realize he—and so many of us—are simply going through the motions of life but not actually awake.

Listening to Sam’s stories will make you laugh, cry and question everything you know to be true in your life. And sing. This heartfelt and humorous A-fest presentation from Sam Cawthorn (2009 Young Australian of the Year, international best-selling self-help author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker) will truly move you to the core. Don’t miss hearing Sam’s enthralling tales and learn how you can awaken to the life you’re destined for before it’s too late.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What kairos is and How to Recognize It in Our Own Lives
  • The 3 Key Areas we Need to Leverage to Overcome Adversity
  • What Happened when Sam’s Arm Fell Off when He Shook the President’s Hand
  • Why Storyshowing is and Why it’s Critical for Anything We Do
  • Why a Positive Workplace is Critical for Company Growth and Performance
  • The Secret Skill that Any Influential Speaker Needs to Master
  • Why Disability Lives in The Mind
  • Sam’s version of “The Golden Circle” based on Simon Sinek’s theory
  • The Power of Knowing our “Why”
  • How to Bounce Forward, not Back
“The future is there to be created. So wake up—start creating the future that you were born to live.”

This episode is truly not to miss. Sam’s incredible stories illustrate the underestimated power of effective storytelling. His story ad message is not one you will forget. We guarantee you will be singing.


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