Why do children need to grow up believing they’re enough?

Many parents struggle with the “how-to” of building confident children. In this A-Fest presentation, Shelly Lefkoe, founder of Parenting the Lefkoeway, explains how our belief system (both ours and our children’s) plays a key role in shaping the parent-child dynamic. She reveals three key concepts that every conscious parent should know.

Through thoughtful narratives, personal anecdotes and practical examples, Shelly shares a plethora of parenting tools we can implement immediately to raise joyful, confident and empowered individuals.

“How would you like to have children who spend their lives not focused on being ‘better’, but making a difference?”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The Powerful Mantra Every Conscious Parent Needs to Know
  • The 3 Keys to Conscious Parenting
  • Why We Need to Get to the Source of the Problem, not Force
  • Why We Should Never Ask “Why,” but “What” when Parenting
  • 4 Ways to Make Children Feel Powerful
  • How Our Expectation of Our Children Shape Their Behaviour
  • Why We Should Negotiate With Our Children
  • The Real Reason we Chastise Children for Acting Out in Public (it’s not what you think!)

When your child walks away from you, stop and ask yourself the question:
“What did they walk away saying to themselves?



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What was your main takeaway from Shelly’s talk?

Which of her tips will be most useful in your parenting?

Do you agree with what Shelly shared? Share your experience in the comments below.



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