How To Inspire And Instill Positivity In Children

Children should grow up believing that they are enough

Are you instilling positive or negative beliefs in your children? We’re all working towards instilling positive beliefs but many parents struggle with the “how-to” of building confidence in their children. This episode, Shelly Lefkoe, founder of Parenting the Lefkoeway, will leave you with four life-changing takeaways that will have an immediate effect on how you could best parent your children. She explains through a weave of explanations and narratives, we can learn to facilitate the belief shaping process in our kids to raise joyful, confident, and life-affirmed individuals.

“How would you like to have children who spend their lives not getting better,
but making a difference?”
— Shelly Lefkoe

Highlights from the episode:

  • Shelly kicks off her talk with a question on responsibilities
  • She shares the mantra every parent should say to become a conscious parent
  • #1 Key — Get to the Source, Don’t Force
  •  The story of how Shelly got to the source of her daughter’s dislikes without forcing her to change
  • She explains the fundamental rule of never asking “Why” but instead, replacing it with “What.”
  • Shelly shares the 3 ways to make your children feel powerful
  • #2 Key — Make Them Feel Important
  • The story of Brian, an over-achieving workaholic who was losing touch with his family, and even with himself.
  • #3 Key — Have realistic expectations of your children
  • The story of Judy, her daughter Sophie, and the time she forgot to throw away a bag of bird poop.
  • Shelly explains the reason why we chastise our children for acting out in public
  • She shares the 3 ways to not let your children feel like they’re not good enough
  • She ends her keynote with the principle that will change your life and your child’s life forever
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Here’s a powerful quote by Shelly for you to leave with,
When your child walks away from you, stop and ask yourself the question:
“What did they walk away saying to themselves?
— Shelly Lefkoe
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What was your main takeaway from Shelly’s talk?

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