What’s the single thing stopping you from connecting with people on a deeper level?

In this in-depth interview, we hear from personal transformation revolutionary Teal Swan. Teal is one of the top-ranked spiritually influential living people in 2019, and her discussion on connectivity and loneliness will bring your spiritual growth to the next level.

Teal shares two powerful tactics to connect deeply and genuinely with others in not only our romantic relationships, but in any relationship we value in life.

Teal explains how we first need to accept ourselves as a tribe — a collective species — before any deep connection can occur. To connect with people on a deeper level we also need to come to terms with any loneliness we feel within ourselves first.

We need to see each other not as a singularity but as a multitude.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why we need to stop playing zero-sum games (and what they are)
  • The number one way we ruin relationships
  • Why we need to accept incompatibility and stop trying to change people
  • Why we need to stop trying to love people (and what we should do instead!)
  • What intimacy is and why it’s critical to overcome loneliness
  • How our perception of separation is influenced by our socialization experience
  • The root cause of feeling lonely and why we need to look at our childhood trauma
  • The 3 pillars of loneliness and why we need to learn to be by ourselves
  • Why asking ‘what am I?’ is like cancer
  • A practical exercise on how to create an Aware ego
  • Coping vs. healing and which one is most important

The whole reason to come more into alignment with yourself is not so that you don’t need people. The reason to do that is so your external relationships with people start to mirror the improved relationship you have within yourself.

— Teal Swan

Ready to learn how to connect to those most important in your life? Don’t miss tuning into Teal.

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