It’s time to own your sexual energy and own your power.

Czech supermodel and passionate humanitarian, Helena Houdova, shares the underestimated and misunderstood connection between our sacred sexual energy, consciousness and discovering our full power.

A taboo subject often made to feel shameful by cultural conditioning, Helena brings light and awareness to the hidden powers that reside within our body and how we can mindfully train ourselves to harness and awaken this energy through conscious intention and spiritual practice.

Helena reveals how our ego will store much of our past pain and trauma deep within our bodies in the last place we’d direct conscious healing: in our genitals. She guides us through a simple yet powerful exercise that can help us connect our sexual energy with a powerful awakening, and healing.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to harness your sexual energy and direct that energetic power to areas in your life you want to grow
  • What tantra is and how it can re-energize our spiritual bodies
  • The sacred massage of yoni and how it can be used to heal our past trauma and pain
  • How sexual arousal actually brings us to a higher state of consciousness
  • Vishen’s experience with a linga massage
  • Why self-pleasuring is one of the most important steps towards self-love
  • A guided meditation led by Helena on helping us love our sexual parts and our entire self

When we give attention and love to our genitals, to our sexual centre, we find power. Sexuality is a huge power within us.

We are superhuman – we are superheroes – every single one of us. But it is suppressed in us if we don’t believe in it.

— Helena Houdova

Listen to this episode to learn what you weren’t taught in school: how to harness your sexual energy and unlock your full power.

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