The million dollar question: Does God exist?

Innovative astrophysicist Tom Chi gives a most illuminating discussion on if God exists from a scientific standpoint, how religion has evolved over time, and how our level of consciousness relates to them both.

Tom explains how God is a concept in the mind that allows us to have a felt sense of the universe; it is the individual’s consciousness feeling a part of the universal consciousness. He explains how God is the mental touch zone we create in order to have that felt sense of connectivity.

As a leading astrophysical researcher to Fortune 500 consultants and leading developer in a number of innovative projects including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, Tom shares powerful, practical and scientifically supported insight that is critical for anyone looking to expand their consciousness in our modern world.

It’s a practice of bringing the question back to the individual: what is it that actually empowers your individual life?

— Tom Chi

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The different levels of consciousness
  • How we’re literally made out of stars (the scientific explanation is incredible and totally makes sense!)
  • Why people feel they have sinned
  • The 4 components of religion
  • Why there is a rising amount of friction between government and religion
  • How propagation science determines a religion’s longevity
  • The modernists vs. the fundamentalists, and how to apply this in our daily life
  • Maximization of wisdom (what it is and how we can practice it)
  • The cross-cultural influence on modern religion
  • How our ego is an illusion

If those [religious] beliefs do not create a better experience of life you need to drop them. And that’s the element that is not going to be allowed to be in religion.

— Tom Chi

Tom discusses in depth concepts in a logical, easily digestible and humanistic way. The most down to earth astrophysicist you’ll ever hear—guaranteed. This interview is not one to be missed by anyone looking to transform their being and live a fuller, conscious life.

Resources and Mentions

  • Neil Degrasse Tyson

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