Leaders are desperately needed. You are desperately needed. Each of you has the ability to become a powerful and more positive force in this world, regardless of your education and experience. We can all become leaders, if we’re willing to give away our own power to harness the power of the people around us, not only at work but in life. In this episode, former co-CEO of Chipotle, Monty Moran shares some of his life lessons that helped him understand that the greatest honor and sense of fulfillment don’t come from his own success, but from helping the people around him become their best. That is the true meaning of fulfillment and success.

Monty Moran is the former co-CEO at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Prior to joining Chipotle, he was head of litigation then managing partner and CEO at the Denver-based law firm of Messner and Reeves, LLC, which he led for ten years. Most recently, Monty realized his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot and flies his airplane throughout the United States. He has a keen interest in better understanding and serving Americans, a quest he documents through his startup, Old Tale Productions. He is a director and chairman of corporate boards and an advisor to many entrepreneurs and businesses.  


Listen out for:

– The biggest waste in our world.

– Management vs. leadership.

– 4 desires we all share. 

– The key to success. 

– 3 most powerful words.

– How Monty transformed Chipotle.

– The secret to being a great leader.



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