What is the essence of love? That is what we seek to discover in this episode of The Mindvalley Show. Monty Moran, the former CEO of Chipotle, joins us to share his insight on leadership, love, and empowerment. His book “Love is Free, Guac is Extra” lays out what differentiates a manager from a leader. His time at Chipotle was devoted to developing excellence in over 70,000 employees. He accomplished his goal by trusting in their abilities and creating a loving space for them to reach their full potential. In this episode, he outlines how love can empower your employees and everyone around you. 

As a leader, your power comes from those who choose to follow you. If you want to be more than a manager, Monty reveals that love must be a central characteristic of your leadership. If you want to shape your employees, your friends, and your community into the best they can be, you must empower them by creating conditions for them to thrive. People do rise to the occasion if you create space for them to do so. 

Monty describes the quintessence of love, and you may be surprised to find that it is not born within you, but it is a force of nature that flows through you. He shares how you can tap into the essence of love by letting go of the ego and judgment.

In a world full of projected hostility, Monty is a voice of reason, bringing you back to the fundamentals of human consciousness. To love is to be in sync with nature, and in those conditions, individuals thrive, communities grow, and great leaders are created. Join us as we explore the integral force of love and its impact on leadership.


Key Takeaways:

[1:00] The essence of love 

[2:30] Trusting your people

[7:50] Tapping into Love 

[9:00] Letting love flow through you

[11:30] Empowering your employees

[16:00] Connection is fundamental 

[21:00] The illusion of separation

[25:10] Eliminating barriers to love 

[30:00] The Beautiful Force of Curiosity


Where to Find Guest:



Love is Free, Guac is Extra


Memorable Quotes:

“If you’re using your title to get someone to do something, that’s management. That’s manipulation You cannot manipulate your way to greatness. You can manipulate your way to getting people to show up at nine am and leave at five, punch in on time, and do a job, but you can’t manipulate people into being brilliant. There is no such thing as passionate obedience.”  [9:15]-Monty Moran 


“The ego clogs up love’s ability to flow. So basically, love is everywhere, love doesn’t need us, and we can’t create love as human beings, it’s not ours to give or take, but we can tap into it, and once we tap into it, it will flow naturally through us, like the sun’s flowing naturally through this window right now.”  [10:31] -Monty Moran 


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