All leaders face their challenges and versions of stress and demands—the intensity and consequences of those challenges grow as they move higher into roles with more width and complexity. Despite all the effort through the years to understand what it takes to be an effective leader, the art of leadership remains enormously tricky and elusive. Leaders at all levels can learn from Adam Bryant, co-author of the book The CEO Test: Master the Challenges that Make or Break All Leaders, as he joins Jason Marc Campbell on Superhumans at Work to share the seven key reasons that explain why leaders succeed or fail in their roles. 


Adam Bryant is managing director of The ExCo Group (formerly Merryck & Co. Americas), senior leadership development and executive mentoring firm. He has a proven ability to distill real-world lessons and insights from his hundreds of interviews and turn them into practical tools, presentations, and exercises to help The ExCo Group clients deepen their leadership benches and strengthen their teams. He works with executive leadership teams and organizations to foster a culture of innovation, based on a best-practices framework he developed for his widely praised first book, The CEO Test: Master the Challenges That Make or Break All Leaders. In his second book Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation, Adam distilled the wisdom of hundreds of business leaders to identify the secrets to a high-performing corporate culture. He continues to conduct leadership interviews on LinkedIn—with CEOs, board directors, prominent Black executives, and chief human resources officers—with more than 160,000 subscribers. 


Listen out for:

– The CEO test.

– The key responsibilities of a CEO.

– Why there are so many bad bosses.

– The right culture that a CEO needs to nurture.

– The best qualities you need to have to be a successful CEO.



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